Tom is a superb product leader and entrepreneur. I have worked with Tom at Google, and seen his work at multiple startups. As a leader, he is unusual in being really good at both the strategic and the tactical levels. He leaves no stone unturned in trying to solve a problem -- while keeping all stakeholders abreast with his rationales, methods and progress. I would invest in anything Tom works on. I look forward to working with Tom again anytime.
Phil M. (SVP at Salesforce)

Tom is a trusted advisor and an experienced leader I turn to when I have a difficult decision to make. He is an excellent listener, clear thinker and can be relied upon to ask thought-provoking questions.
Ziya G. (VP at Amazon)

I strongly recommend Tom without any hesitation. Tom has helped me think through many significant career decisions in a judgement free, inquisitive and principled manner. He has the ability to break down issues to their core to understand what motivates you, want makes you fearful, and what you have the potential to accomplish. He has a very frank, no-nonsense communication style. After every discussion with Tom, I felt like the questions I was trying to answer were much clearer and simpler, and I was able to charge forward on my path with less second guessing and fewer regrets.
Richard S. (Sr. Director at Roblox, former Director at Facebook)

Tom is a charismatic technology leader who thinks big and delivers. I witnessed Tom grow a product organization from scratch, motivate hundreds of x-functional team members and facing enormous obstacles, land a mission-critical YouTube product for millions of creators. Tom manages with empathy and passion and always keeps it fun. But he's also bold and doesn't shy away from unconventional approaches; the start-up approach is in his DNA. Tom has had huge successes in his career but I know that with his grit and determination...
Ian F. (Group Product Manager at YouTube)

Tom is a leader with big-gun brains + unshakable integrity. And even better, Tom lives and breathes "design thinking." He comprehends--better than nearly anyone I know--that talking face-to-face with real customers, and deeply empathizing with their needs, leads to invaluable & unexpected insights which can separate a winning product from the rest. Plus Tom has more of his own ideas & insights in an hour than most people have in a lifetime.
Maren C. (Principal Design Lead at Microsoft)

Couple things really stood out in working with Tom. First, his exceptional communication skills - uncommonly objective and honest with investors/advisors about company performance. Second, his scrappy product execution - witnessed multiple well considered product pivots each taking the business in a better direction. Would work with Tom again without hesitation.
Mike F. (Managing Director at Madrona Venture Labs)

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