It's great you're interested in learning more. Let's get you some answers.

Q. What training have you taken?
I have an MBA from Harvard Business School and have take executive education training in leadership, design thinking, communications, improv, and coaching at Stanford, IMD, Harvard, and Second City. At Harvard, I was co-chair of the Career Teams program for 1st year Harvard Business School MBA students and for that work I received a Student Association Award. I have also completed Google's internal executive coaching training program and coach 20 employees from across the company per year outside of my extended org 15-20 product managers. Recently in 2021, I completed Shirzad Chamine's 7 week Positive Intelligence Coaching training program. I've also taken over 100 hours of management training classes provided by my various employers over the years such as Microsoft, YouTube, and Google. Aside from that I've been working for 25 years and over the last 10 years in executive leadership roles where I have the privilege of coaching teams of managers and dozens of individual contributors.

Q. What's the most common approach to working with a client?
Every client is different. However, I have found that understanding someone's life line and unpacking their decade high's and low's since childhood to present can provide a very clear foundation for deeper self-awareness. I then like to get more tactical and help clients think about where they are today and where they want to be in the future. Then I get even more tactical with role playing exercises to practice hard conversations or meetings. For some people this process can take a few sessions and for many it can be a journey spanning months or longer. It really depends on what's right for you and where you are.

Q. I need more tactical help. Do you do that?
Yep. Many folks get help from me on very specific, time-sensitive decisions, meetings, presentations, conversations, or job interviews. Sometimes they need a steer or sanity check. Happy to provide detailed observations and suggestions on how I'd approach the problem.

Q. Do we meet virtually or in person?
Most of my clients meet virtually due to the convenience. However, I can arrange for in person meetings on an exception basis for 90 minute coaching sessions (usually at a WeWork private meeting room in Palo Alto, California). These 1.5 hour consults are billed at $475 to cover travel time plus cost of the meeting room. Email me if you want more details.

Q. I don't see any available slots, can you add more?
I work full time as a director at a tech company so my external coaching slots are a bit limited. I also only work with a few clients at a time and almost all are on longer-term bases. If you are in an urgent situation, you can email me at tom@tomleungcoaching.com. Please note that if you require a same-day appointment due to a time-sensitive issue (e.g. expiring offer or interview tomorrow), even if I can accommodate a last minute request, I charge a 50% premium for same-day consultations.

Q. What happened to the long-term packages; did prices change?
I try to have 6-session packages available at a discount whenever I have space for another long term client. If you don't see it available, that's usually because I'm not taking any new long-term clients since I only work with 3-4 clients at a time. Prices are based on my availability and client demand.

Q. How do I know if this is right for me?
I try to have 1-2 complimentary intro slots available each month. Finding the right coach-client match can take time so if you buy more than one session and decide it's not the right time for you, any unused sessions are 100% refundable. Just email me and I'll take care of it in a day or two with nothing but positive and hopeful feelings. I understand breakthrough coaching requires the right timing and coach-client chemistry. Also sometimes people mainly want to get out of their rut and then will go for a long time without subsequent coaching. That's a cause for celebration.

Q. Other than the lower cost per session, are there any reasons to pre-purchase a pack of sessions?
The scheduling system only lets you book unused sessions so if you wanted to get priority access to times well in advance, that can be helpful.

Q. Why do you charge so much?
It's mainly supply and demand. Clients tell me they appreciate someone who cares about coaching and has a long, and current operating background as an executive leader. I also want to make sure I work with people who will benefit a lot from my coaching and are willing to invest their time and effort to get breakthrough results. Lastly, I have a pretty challenging full-time executive job and two kids, I also do internal executive coaching for middle managers at my current employer, and I do a few hours a week of volunteer work; so my external coaching practice time is limited.

Q. Is there a cancellation fee if something comes up for a scheduled session?
I get that we're all busy and unplanned stuff comes up. I ask for 7 days notice for cancellations (unless someone else was able to take the slot on short notice). Similarly, if I need to cancel I will give you 7 days notice or if it's truly last minute, I will give you an additional session credit in addition to rescheduling the missed appointment.

Q. You work at Google?! That's awesome I am interviewing there now, can you coach me?
I am unable to take on clients who are actively applying for roles at Google so as to avoid any appearances of conflict of interest. If you end up at Google, I offer coaching internally via the G2G career coaching program. If you need more time than G2G and are not in the same Product Area as I am, you are welcome to become one of my external clients.