Sometimes founders and CEO's need some fractional CPO help or coaching support for their product team or XFN leadership team. In those situations, I can work with key individuals or entire teams to help diagnose key challenges or tradeoffs, help team members develop new perspectives or try new best practices, or help a company frame a key decision and perform the due diligence to make the best decision possible.


Making a key product hire is often considered one of the most impactful and risky decisions a company can make. Some of my clients are hiring managers who are making their first senior product management hire or CEO's looking to evaluate a potential VP of Product or Chief Product Officer. 

In those situations, I serve as an outside interviewer of a candidate and provide a detailed written report on what I think are the candidate's strengths, areas for development, areas of concern, and general fit for the role. Having interviewed almost 1,000 professionals at all levels over my 20 year career for management consulting, startups, small caps, Microsoft, YouTube, and Google, I am well-calibrated on senior talent evaluation and will give you a detailed and objective assessment of a candidate compared to top product managers in the tech industry.

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