Session Frameworks

If you book a session, we can have a fairly organic conversation and talk about what's top of mind. We can also take a more structured approach. Here are some structured frameworks we can use in our next session.

Examples of powerful exercises I facilitate with clients include the Lifeline Exercise (something I did myself at the Institute of Management Development in Switzerland) which is great for doing a career retrospective and giving yourself time to reflect on what works and what has been hard for you.

The Positive Intelligence Assessment (something I did via my internal coaching training at Google) is a great way to understand what are some things that have served you well in the past but now may have become an inner saboteur to helping you reach that next level of impact.

The 50 year reunion or Obituary exercise is a good way to write down and reflect on what's important for you in life. What is it you want to be able to reflect on in the way of experiences, values, relationships, accomplishments, etc. when you look back 20 years from now? This was one of the career exploration frameworks I learned as co-chair of the Harvard Business School career teams program in the early 2000's.

Designing your Life is a great book that I've read, many of my clients have, and can be a good framework for sessions where we treat it like a 1:1 book club and use the time to reflect on key chapters and excercises in the book but then we can go deeper into each one focusing on you, your history, your current challenges, and future plans. Think of this as a Designing your Life series of coaching sessions where your goal is to come out with a greater sense of clarity on who you are, who you are not, who you want to be, and how to get there.

Developing your personal and individual Objectives and Key Results for the next 12 months is something many businesses and teams do but we're often "too busy" to do it for ourselves and our own careers and lives. 

Doing a big failure retrospective can be cathartic and eye opening. Did you recently not make promotion, have a terrible executive review, get some warning feedback from your manager, or miss a big milestone at work? What happened? Why? What could you do differently? What was in and out of your control?

Are you doing ok or have a big milestone coming up? Let's unpack your plan for success? What are the KPI's, the key intermediary milestones, the biggest risks and mitigations, and how might you track progress? These are opportunities for us to do a pre-emptive retrospective and make sure we're doing everything we can to land success.

360 degree feedback.  Most companies enable you to get feedback from your peers, manager, and direct reports. Let's discuss and unpack what you heard in a safe space and talk through the constructive and positive feedback in a way that you can't with people in your management chain and really get into what are your biggest strengths as well as areas for development and discuss your plan to address it.

Must-Win Presentations and Storytelling can be some of the most pivotal moments in your career. If you have an upcoming executive presentation, sales pitch, investor meeting, negotiation call, or job conversation, it is important to go in with a prepared mind and have the time to do a dress rehearsal. I'm happy to play the role of an engaged audience with thoughtful questions and then provide you with play by play feedback afterwards.

Strategic Planning and decision making. I also do work for companies and teams on big decisions like annual roadmapping, pivot planning, fundraising, and business plan hardening and feedback.