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Nice to meet you.

Hi there. My name is Tom and I've been in leadership positions since 1999 at startups, small public companies, Microsoft, YouTube, Google Ads, and Google Health. I've co-founded two companies (both acquired) and one became a case study in pivots and change taught at Harvard Business School and have been a guest speaker at classes at Harvard, Cornell, INSEAD, University of Washington, and Bowdoin. I've worked in Boston, Singapore, Seattle, Zurich, and San Francisco. Born in New Jersey, I grew up as a son of a civil engineer who worked on NASA projects and an HR manager who worked in media. 

I studied History and Economics at Bowdoin College and earned my MBA from Harvard Business School where I won a 2003 Student Association Award for helping scale Harvard's Career Teams program. I've continued to advance my training over the years with over 100 hours of leadership training at Google as well as week long in-person executive education programs at Stanford, Harvard, IMD, and Second City. 

I've personally benefited from executive coaching at various points in my career and realize how valuable it can be to have a safe space to figure things out, think things through, and explore your inner truth. I've also made scores of mistakes and learned life lessons the hard way over the last 25 years of working and last five decades of life experience. It's a privilege for me to help clients grow and succeed with a lot of the things I've seen first hand and as well as many things I've never experienced but can help you unpack and make hard calls as your coach.

My style is to spend most of the time helping you learn more about you in a non-judgemental, constructive, empathetic, and high-integrity way. I've received formal coaching training as part of my Google's official internal coaching program where I was the top-rated PM coach at the company.

I took this picture in Kenya from my mobile phone in 2019. I think it captures the balance, clarity, power, wonder, and optimism many of us are seeking in our work (and life).

Let's unlock your full potential.